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Now account is a 2-in-1 checking account that allows you to settle your day-to-day payables through its checkbook and conveniently allows you to monitor your check issuances through passbook. Use them wisely. Make your Life easier

Initial deposit and maintaining balance of P5,000.00.

Experience the most convenient method for saving money, you can freely deposit and withdraw funds anytime.

Deposit evidenced by a certificate of Time Deposit with a minimum term of 30 days.

Initial deposit as low as P1,000.00. Interest rate is based on the amount and term of deposit.

Funds that are held in a time deposit at a special interest rate which give you better earnings for higher placement. With an automatic roll-over or renewal upon maturity.

Minimum term of 30 days.

You can earn higher interest rates than an ordinary savings account. It is a smart and convenient way to let your money grow.

Initial deposit of P20,000.00.

Easy cash available with our 24-Hour ATM in our 4 branches (Main Branch, Legazpi Branch, Daraga Branch and Naga Branch) You can deposit/withdraw over the counter transactions with all 11 branches without interbranch transaction fees.

Get started with as low as P100.00 to open an account and to earn interest of 1% per annum.

A 5-year term tax free time deposit that gives you a fixed high interest rate. Your monthly interest earnings shall be credited to your savings account or paid in cash.

Minimum placement per certificate is P20,000.00 only.

  • Auto Loan
  • Housing Loan
  • Salary Loan
  • Friendly Tuition Loan
  • Revolving Credit Line
  • Motorcycle Loan
  • Barangay Business Loan
  • Barangay Official Loan
  • Market Vendors Loan
  • Back-to-back Loan
  • Bills Purchased Line
  • Sales Contract Receivables (SCR)
  • Lease Purchase Agreement (LPA)
  • Pensioners Loan
  • Teachers Salary Loan
  • Accepts remittances thru Western Union
  • Accept ALECO Payments
  • Accept Aquinas University of Legazpi Tuition Fee
  • Accept payments for Pristine Memorial Gardens
  • Inter-branch transactions/Fund transfer to any LSB Branch
  • Accept Garden of Resurrection Payment


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